We offer the widest range of academic air fares globally to clients participating in educational or Not for Profit organisations. These exclusively discounted rates are available on major airline networks including inbound travel and between cities outside of the UK. They surpass all other fares at this price in terms of flexibility. We believe that we offer the best possible deals.

Our global Missionary fare product is available to an extensive range of organisations and involved in:

  • Vocational missionaries
  • Human rights
  • Religious orders, Priests and nuns
  • Humanitarian disaster relief
  • Charity organisations
  • Commonwealth
  • NGO’S
  • United Nations organisations

What’s more, we understand that budgets for Academic & Not for Profit organisations are tight, and that plans often change and it is for this reason that we are have negotiated special fares with the world’s leading airlines networks. In addition we can make substantial savings on your budgets due to the special negotiated conditions that include:

  • The ability to hold confirmed reservations without having ticket, up to date of departure
  • Able to amend or cancel bookings without incurring considerable costs
  • Extra baggage allowance to take your important tools in your missionary role. (We also can negotiate special rates should this allowance not be enough,)

As a one stop full service Travel company you can count on to offer a comprehensive of travel related services that include:

  • More flight options that will can also include an extensive range of consolidated air fares for the individual and groups
  • Discounted hotel bookings
  • Rail, Ferry and Euro Tunnel
  • Car Rental and Airport Parking
  • Travel Insurance
  • Coach Hire
  • Passport and Visa service