We understand the need to get your people to their destination ready to do business. We provide personalized, flexible and effective service.
Our consultative and creative approach optimizes our clients travel costs without compromising on the quality of service they expect to receive.

Similar to our missionary fare product, we also have a portfolio of contracted net fares available to our corporate clients.

With our 32 years’ experience within the industry, you can count on Global Link Travel to provide you with tools, technology and support to reduce your Business Travel costs, and help you plan a simple travel to a management meeting.

Our clients have exacting standards and demanding schedules, there is no room for error or complacency.
Extraordinary service is in the smallest of details. Whether it is getting your traveller the right seat, checking them in online or letting them know that their flight is delayed before they leave the office, we will reduce your people downtime and save your business money.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of management reports, customer account management and tailored service levels to ensure high quality standard of service, which enables our clients to analyse and manage their travel budgets and monitor travel policy compliance

We have progressively grown to a global organisation with regional offices in Brussels, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Banjul and Rio de Janeiro.