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Account Management

Our Account Managers are responsible for helping you achieve a successful travel programme – your goals are their goals. Starting with account implementation and continuing throughout the relationship, your account manager provides strategic direction, programme management, problem-solving and customer support for all aspects of your programme. In essence, the account manager becomes your working partner taking on your challenges as their own.

At the heart of our account management discipline is the ability to analyse data and provide meaningful reporting that can help you get maximum value from your travel spend. With extensive experience in identifying areas of cost-reduction, we will provide ongoing assessment and make recommendations for improvement.

We are totally focused on buying smart on behalf of customers. Global Link offers in partnership a comprehensive service in negotiating airline, hotel and car hire deals with the most appropriate suppliers, using our market knowledge and expertise to get the best deal. This will be in addition to our extensive product range or where there are unique requirements.

Under our account management program we will work in partnership with your core company objectives to get the most value from your spend on travel.

We provide:

  • A dedicated and personal account manager with extensive experience in all aspects of corporate travel management.
  • Custom implementation management
  • A strategic business plan that is a ‘living and breathing’ document
  • Effective and ongoing assessment of your spend, existing travel patterns, culture and travel behaviour
  • Assistance with supplier negotiations
  • Compliance measures to maximise the savings from your policy
  • Advanced management information reporting.

Risk Assessment

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Through our 24/7 emergency service, you receive round-the-clock personal support from anywhere in the world.

Day or night, our people can assist you with emergency services such as last minute changes to itineraries or travel bookings.

Account management
Risk assessment
Loyalty programmes


Powered by Regent Visas

Don’t ruin your trip of a lifetime or miss that all important meeting. Remember to arrange your entrance visas before you travel, ideally before you finalise travel arrangements.

Why use our Visa Service

Use the visa search box to find out if you need a visa, and get it organised by our experts in visa processing.

Regent Visas is a professional, dynamic company with a fresh approach and 50 years of combined experience. Our central London office is located close to all Embassies so we can respond quickly to your last minute visa and passport requirements. Quality of the service is our main goal.

Regent Visas are here to simplify this process. Our website is designed to be informative and user friendly for both corporate and individual travellers.

In Regent Visas we have dedicated teams, which will build a strong relationship with you and be on hand to deal with your specific needs. We are very

focused on a personal service, ensuring our consultants are focused on responding to your needs swiftly and accurately and our in house couriers safely on safely collecting or delivering your documents.

Account management
Risk assessment
Loyalty programmes

Loyalty Programmes


It is worthwhile joining a Loyalty programme with the airlines, at no extra charge. These added value benefits not only reward you towards upgrades or free flights but can make a difference whether you can get on a flight with priority reservations waitlist or even guaranteed reservations on sold out seats. To make your trip more comfortable you can have free access to airport lounges and priority baggage handling and checkin.

There are three alliances:

The following gives you an idea of the benefits and you should bear in mind that within the schemes are different tiers linked to miles or points earned with different benefits.

Some of the Benefits

  • Lounge Access
  • Priority Baggage Handling
  • Extra Baggage Allowance
  • Priority Check-in
  • Preferred Seating
  • Priority Boarding
  • Priority Reservations Waitlist
  • Priority Airport Standby

Please note as with the Loyalty programs benefits with any of the alliances are subject to conditions and can be based on the status of your Loyalty card, availability and airline. We have provided links against each alliance for you to assess which program will suit you the best.

Account management
Risk assessment
Loyalty programmes