A simple guide to visa and passport applications

We endeavour to make all visa and passport applications as easy as possible. The following contain guidelines and examples of the most commonly required documents to support applications.

Here are a few basic tips and rules that apply to all applications:

Passports must have enough blank pages for the visa to be entered, we recommend that the passport has a minimum of two pages. The passport must also be valid for at least six months beyond the planned travel date and be in a good condition. If the passport does not meet these requirements, please contact us, we can obtain replacement passports much faster than the normal service offered to the general public by the IPS.

Photos used for visa and passport applications should always be on an off white background, the applicant should have a natural expression (no smiling, mouth closed) with no hair over the eyes. The photo should be recent and taken within the last six months and not the same as the one used in the applicants passport. Unless otherwise stated the size of the photo should be 45 millimetres high by 35 millimetres wide (India is a notable exception) and of a high resolution.

When completing application forms, remember most embassies prefer forms to be completed in black ink only unless they are typed or filled out online. If the application form is completed online, any later amendments should only be made online and not by hand. Always make notes of any passwords and logon codes given.

Application forms, Invitations and other supporting documents must always state the full name of the applicant as it appears in the passport.

The most common error on the forms we receive, is that after spending time to check the application, the applicant often forgets to sign the forms in all the places given.
It is good practice to give the passport number of the applicant in invitations, company letters and other supporting documents. Also check the data matches that of the passport to be used for the visa, don’t forget some people have more than one passport.

Supporting documents such as birth certificates, utility bills and qualifications may need to be presented to support an application. It is always best and often required to send the original documents together with a photocopy. We always recommend that the applicant also keeps a photo copy of any such documents.

For non-UK or EU passport holders, their UK visa normally needs to be valid for six months or more beyond the planned travel date. Most embassies will not issue visas to persons who have entered the UK on a tourist visa.

The applicant will often be asked to supply evidence of residency in the form of utility bills and bank statements to support the application.

If you think you know…ask us, and be sure you know. Call or email us, we are here for you and will answer any questions you have.

To help us to help you faster. When sending applications to our office, please enclose a compliment slip with your contact details on it, or use our order form which you will find at the end of this guide. Every application we receive is checked by our staff for errors and omissions. If and when possible, we will correct or amend any entries that we feel may cause an application to be rejected or contact you/the client to explain the error. If you are not sure of what to answer on a form, please leave the question blank and our staff will be happy to enter the data for you. We do not expect you to become an expert in visas, but following these basic tips will help to ensure that all applications you send to us, avoid being delayed and go through first time every time. If you are not sure about anything please email us at: info@visas365.co.uk